Siempre Adelante

~Sunshine is disinfectant for the soul.~

My name is Danielle and everyday I try to be more bad ass than the day before. My journey to being awesome has taken me on some crazy adventures and I blog about them here. While I started out just trying to lose weight, it isn't my goal anymore.
I want to be strong. I want to be healthy.
Everything else is a bonus.

Things you maybe should probably know:
1. I had a stroke in September of 2012 and I'm still working that out.
2. I do what I want.

Me? Dramatic? Nonsense.
But my countdown board is no longer counting down the days. The weekend has come.
I went and found these stellar dry fit Adidas tights at Sports Authority for $10 yesterday so my fear of epic chub rub is alleviated. I’ve also been eating all the bagels and drinking all the water so right now I feel about as ready as I’ll ever be!
The runner’s expo and packet pick up is tomorrow. Totally stoked. And scared. But mostly stoked!

  1. thesaltydreams said: You’re gonna do awesome!! Have a blast!! :)
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